Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to find local nurse aides (CNAs), home care assistant (HCAs) and caregivers/companions looking for full time, part time, weekends, live-in and on call jobs.

Kinscare is a service for searching, finding, and contacting caregivers near you looking for work and for posting caregiver job openings.

The caregivers on Kinscare are looking for full time, part time, live in, on call and weekends jobs in adult family homes, home care and staffing agencies, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, and in private homes.

Any person looking for a caregiver - it could be a family member looking for a companion or a sitter for a loved one or a staffing coordinator at a local nursing home looking for a CNA or a recruiter at a home care agency looking for a home care aide.

Kinscare’s focus on caregivers and ease of use saves you time and money. Our focus on recruiting and signing up job seeking caregivers near you makes us the most efficient service for pairing caregivers with those who need them.

Remember, lack of a caregiver has its own costs!

Injury to the primary caregiver, schedule disruption, stress, overtime pay, staff turnover and burnout are just some of the costs or risks associated with lacking a caregiver. These costs and risks are high and can last for a long time. The good news is that they can be mitigated by hiring a caregiver for a few hours a day and/or few days a week.

Posting your job opening and searching for caregivers at the same time are the best ways to find the right caregiver for you.

When you post your job opening, caregivers near you looking for work receive email and text alerts about your post, how to apply and whom to contact.

You search for caregivers by their availability e.g., “Full time”, “Part time” and their licenses, e.g., “CNA/NAC”, “HCA” or “Companion”. When you search, we find the best caregiver that meets your search criteria and show you their resume/cv that includes their contact information. We also recommend a few more caregivers that we believe could be equally fitting.

Click on the “View Contact Details” button on the caregiver’s resume to view the caregiver’s contact information. However, we encourage you to contact a caregiver using Kinscare because the caregiver receives an email and a text alert about your contact attempt and a message requesting them to contact you back.

We reach out to local training or vocational programs, community colleges, barbershops, hair salons, immigrant non-profits agencies, workforce development centers, county job initiatives, referrals, and paid media.

Most caregivers on Kinscare are licensed which means that the caregivers trained and passed a state administered exam. Filter your search by “CNA/NAC” or “HCA” to see and find licensed caregivers.

However, not all caregiver’s work requires licensing, for example, companionship doesn’t.

None. Our role is to match qualified caregivers with those who need them and that is where our role ends. We don’t do background checks, payroll and/or caregiver orientation etc.

Kinscare is like Uber (pay for use) than Netflix (subscription).

Kinscare is NOT a subscription service but a pay for use service. Why? Because you don’t hire or recruit caregivers throughout. There are stretches of time where you don’t need and/or are not recruiting a caregiver and we don’t think you should be paying for our service if you are not using it!

There is a 7-day trial and after it is over, we charge $ 16.99 for 1 day usage, $ 58.99 for 1 week usage, or $ 83.99 for 30 days usage. Payments are NOT on autopay - after every period of usage is over, you will have to manually pay for another usage period – just like Uber.

Our revenues mostly go towards recruiting caregivers and workers in service industries adjacent to healthcare such as hospitality, food and restaurant etc.

No, We are more like Uber (pay for use) rather than Netflix (subscription). Kinscare is NOT a subscription service but a pay for use service.

Kinscare is NOT a subscription but a pay for use service that has:

  • No initiation or set up fees
  • No onboarding fees
  • No hourly rate agency fees - you negotiate with the caregiver(s) directly
  • No cancellation fees - you can cancel anytime

Kinscare’s trial period is 7 days long. We hope you will have gotten value from our service to persuade you to become our customer. Your payment funds our efforts to recruit caregivers near you.