Kinscare alert notifications

We use SMS text message and phone call to connect caregivers and providers because they are immediate and have higher response rates and are easy to use. That is why we have adopted these two modes of communications into Kinscare.

Save our number (206) 309 - 7500 on your phone under Kinscare. That way, you will be able to recognize us we call you to attempt a connection with a caregiver or provider seeking a job or a caregiver, respectively. In future, Kinscare will adopt Whatsapp, an app that is also widely used by caregivers. Make sure to select either phone call or SMS text messaging as an alert preference.

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Kinscare is an online registry of caregivers seeking employment and of providers looking to hire caregivers. Our goal is to match caregivers and providers as efficiently as possible by allowing providers and caregivers to search, sort and contact each other using popular methods such as SMS text, Whatsapp, phone calls.

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