This is NOT a subscription.

Your card will NOT be charged at the beginning of each week. You must actively checkout 1 week of access to the registry to renew.

$58.99 for 7 days access

We doubt you’ll need a week to find a caregiver. Most providers find caregivers within 2 – 3 days.
Our registry lets you:

Post your job opening

Search aides/caregivers by licenses and shift availability e.g., “NAC” or “HCA”

View and contact caregivers who have applied for your opening

Contact caregivers via email, SMS/text, and phone call

Your job post sends email notification to caregivers

Get recommendation of potential caregivers

Kinscare is a resource that you can use to recruit caregivers when you are in urgent need of one or when you can anticipate your staffing needs.
Your subscription allows us to keep our caregiver registry up-to-date and growing. Some caregivers near you might re-locate further away from you, or get hired or simply leave the industry. As a result, we must constantly market and recruit caregivers for you.

Your low monthly subscription price lets us focus exclusively on finding caregiver(s) near you. No one knows better than you (and your patients) the frustration of being short on a caregiver.


Kinscare is an online registry of caregivers seeking employment and of providers looking to hire caregivers. Our goal is to match caregivers and providers as efficiently as possible by allowing providers and caregivers to search, sort and contact each other using popular methods such as SMS text, Whatsapp, phone calls.