Finding caregivers

As a provider, you know full well how important caregivers are for the care and the wellbeing of your patients. At the same time, you know how hard it is now, to find and keep caregivers.

We created Kinscare to make it easier for providers such as yourself to find and recruit caregivers. To do that, Kinscare focuses on caregivers recruitment only - you cannot recruit nurses, therapists, cooks, receptionists on Kinscare. We believe this focus will give us an advantage and make Kinscare more superior than other existing means of finding or recruiting caregivers.

You can search caregivers by shift availability and/or license requirements. To assist you with your search, Kinscare will: 1. alert you when a new caregiver within 45 miles of your location signs up 2. let you post your job opening and initiate contact with caregivers directly 3. send you a weekly summary of caregivers seeking jobs every Morning morning

You have a job opening? Sign up to post your job opening or simply text "caregiver" to 206 309 7500.


Kinscare is an online registry of caregivers seeking employment and of providers looking to hire caregivers. Our goal is to match caregivers and providers as efficiently as possible by allowing providers and caregivers to search, sort and contact each other using popular methods such as SMS text, Whatsapp, phone calls.