Finding a Job

There has never been a better time to be a caregiver than now. The pay is great; you can choose how often and how long you want to work e.g., part time, live-in, weekends etc; you can work in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes or adult family homes and you can get tuition support from some employers.

A career in caregiving is also a great first step on the path to advanced degrees in healthcare e.g., nursing (RN/LPN), pharmacy, respiratory tech, ultra sound tech etc.

Kinscare is here to make it easy for you to find a caregiving job. Our focus is only caregiving/CNA jobs. So, whether you are jobless or you are looking for a second job, Kinscare is the best way to assist you find a job.

  1. alert you when a new job opening is posted
  2. let you apply for a job opening and contact providers directly
  3. send you a weekly summary of caregiver jobs every Morning morning

You can search jobs by shift availability and/or license requirements. To assist you with your job search, Kinscare will: Find your new job by sending 'caregiver' to (206) 309 - 7500 or clicking the button below:


Kinscare is an online registry of caregivers seeking employment and of providers looking to hire caregivers. Our goal is to match caregivers and providers as efficiently as possible by allowing providers and caregivers to search, sort and contact each other using popular methods such as SMS text, Whatsapp, phone calls.